The first in the world focused on the art of great wines and nothing else

The first in the world focused on the art of great wines and nothing else

Announced in August 2021

the WineArt Series, represents the first ever NFTs conceived at a global lever for exceptional, investment-grade wines. If focuses on original digital fine art created by contemporary innovative artists and limited editions of out of the ordinary wines. No porcelain bottles, diamond on labels and other, short-termed, tacky initiatives that undermine the wine, and are done only to exploit the NFTs craze.

The WineArt series

will instead always put the wine at the centre of the experience. Each of its NFTs will represent a piece of digital art and will contain a key to redeem a bottle of the wine that is “celebrating”, together with info, other offers and future benefits. WineArt NFTs have a life also after the wine linked to it has been drunk.

Each bottle of wine

redeemable with the key contained in the NFTs will come with a unique authentication NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag that, when scanned, brings the user to the transaction record for the corresponding NFT purchase, creating immutable proof of authenticity that will forever live on the blockchain.

The NFC tag

is realised by FREE TO BE #AUTHENTIC OREV , the most advanced anti-counterfeiting system currently available on the market, which has a strategic partnership with the Crypto World Wine Bank and therefore with the Italian Wine Crypto Bank.
Once minted, the NFT will be in OpenSea and the key contained in it will allow the redemption of the Magnum.



22 exceptional wines from 22 partner wineries, 22 NFTs for each wine all to be created in 2022: CATCH THE 22 A collaboration between Crypto DineWineArt  and the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, started with the NFT SerradeiTurchi17 linked to “Serra dei Turchi” Barolo DOCG 2017 by Gianni Gagliardo.
An irresistible invitation to NFT and wine collectors /lovers worldwide to take advantage of a unique opportunity.
Each NFT of the Catch 22 collection will celebrate a great wine and is a piece of digital art that contains a key to redeem a bottle of the wine that is “celebrating”, together with info.


How do I purchase my NFTs?

The NFTs will be available on the Polygon blockchain through OpenSea. You can find a detailed guide at the following link:


Where can I see my NFT?

Once the NFT has been purchased, you will be able to see your NFT on OpenSea and see the NFT in your wallet: go to your profile, and select “In Wallet” on the left side of the page. There might be a slight delay until it shows up due to processing time.

How do I claim my wine bottle?

Once the bottles are ready on 22 January 2022, they will be claimable through all 2022. Token holders as of 22 January 2022 can use their NFT to claim their previously chosen limited-edition wine bottle by visiting, accessing the metadata of the NFT, copying the redeem code (visible only to the NFT owner) and then providing or confirming the correct address for shipping

How can I set up a digital wallet?

The most used wallet for Polygon blockchain (Where our NFTs are) is Metamask. You can find all the details about it at and at