NFTs linked to One-of-a-kind dine, wine, art Experiences

NFTs linked to One-of-a-kind din, wine, art Experiences

The first NFT series

linked to one-of-a-kind dine, wine and art live experiences led by internationally acclaimed Michelin starred chefs, involving renown artists and winemakers of acclaimed wineries, all in presence. Soon the Experiences will be available also in metaverse.

The NFTs of the DineArt Experiences

are created, in world cities, during once in a life food and wine artistic experiences in which the wines of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank are protagonists. Ciao Bella! the first of its kind as well as of the series was created in Dubai at Bella Restaurant & Lounge, at the beginning of November, during the 12th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit.

The dineart NFT series

will continue in February 2022 and will revolve again around the great wines of the wineries partnering the Italian Wine Crypto Bank but will host celebrated chefs from all around the world, once again in Dubai as well as some other great cities in all the continents. Although the main NFTs will be linked to real unique “experiences” and their wines, starting from February 2022, the collection will create and sell NFT that allow its holder to be part of the experience in the metaverse.