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The next NFT of the extraordinary series dedicated to great Tuscan wines minted by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank will be on sale from Tuesday 7 June 2022. Its name is TRINORO17, its artwork is signed by Gianluca Biscalchin and will contain a key to redeem a Magnum of an exclusive wine: the Toscana Rosso IGT “Tenuta di Trinoro” 2017 by Tenuta di Trinoro.

Minted only in 22 copies by Crypto DineWineArt TRIONORO17 will be on sale at 1600€ and each one will contain a key to redeem a Magnum of the rare wine. In addition, each bottle redeemable with the key contained in the NFT, will come with a unique authentication NFC Tag that, when scanned, brings the user to the transaction record for the corresponding NFT purchase, creating immutable proof of authenticity that will forever live on the blockchain.

TRINORO17 NFT will be avalable in OpenSea from June 7, 2022.
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